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MPI Industries is a full service contractor providing Wireless Tower Construction


As communication rapidly becomes the fourth essential of life, the demand for ever increasing band width places a similar burden on today’s communication grid. Like it or not and until further notice, communication towers are the back bone of our wireless industry. That said, MPI Industries demands irreproachable conduct from its tower crews. Our customers place a great trust in our ability to care for their prize assets (towers) – we value their reliance.


Small Cell 

Telecommunications coverage in areas with limited access will require solutions with smaller footprints. 


Commissioning and Integration

Maintenance Services

MPI's team of experts has the knowledge and certifications needed to commission and integrate this equipment for a successful site launch.

Our teams are equipped to perform repairs on a variety of structures, including monopoles, guyed/self-support towers, rooftops, water tanks, small cells and in-building DAS sites. In addition, MPI offers a full suite of emergency restoration services.

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